Book Review: Fear by Dirk Kurbjuweit

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Title: Fear

Author: Dirk Kurbjuweit
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Published: 25/1/18
Star Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 


You'd die for your family. But would you kill for them?
Family is everything.
So what if yours was being terrorised by a neighbour - a man who doesn't listen to reason, whose actions become more erratic and sinister with each passing day? And those you thought would help - the police, your lawyer - can't help you.
You become afraid to leave your family at home alone. But there's nothing more you can do to protect them.
Is there?

Spoiler-Free Review:

This is dubbed The Most Original Thriller of 2018! Original, yes. But, it's a difficult one to rate. It has some of the most mixed reviews I have seen for a novel, and I feel as though either way this is going to be an unpopular-opinion

When I first heard that Fear was being published, I was eager to read it straight away, after-all, the synopsis sounds absolutely fantastic. However, when I was reading it, I wasn't gripped as I have come to expect from thrillers. It was more of a slow-burning suspense for me, which was a bit disappointing.

Fear is a story of nightmare neighbours, suspense, intrigue and murder. It follows Randolph, who is an unhappy, married, father of two children and Dieter, his nightmare-neighbour next door. The storyline follows how Randolph met Dieter, including his first impressions of Dieter, safe to say they are not good. However, relations between the families actually begin pretty well, but quickly turn sour, leading Randolph down a dangerous and violent road.

Although this book isn't a speedy, page-turning thriller, I feel as though this book covers a whole host of other issues. Depending on your interests, this could turn you completely off of this book, or be a fantastic addition. Issues included: law, marriage, politics, gender etc. I quite liked much of this discussion, although it always did feel slightly off for what is described as a simple thriller. I feel as though these issues discussed were important in making the book discuss real-world issues, and also keep the running theme of the story dark. 

It's interesting that Fear is a translated novel, and I wonder if some of its brilliance was lost in the translation, as it could have been so good. I would recommend this story, because I feel as though it's another divisive one, and even with the understanding that there are better thrillers out there, this is still a great one! 


*This book is released on January, 25th 2018 in the UK*

I received this E-Arc in exchange for an honest review and would like to say thank-you to Orion for providing me with an advanced-readers-copy of this book. 

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