First Impressions and Cover Reveal - How (Not) to Date a Prince by Zoe May

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Title: How (Not) to Date a Prince

Author: Zoe May
Genre: Romance
Published: 12/4/18


Surely fairy tales don’t happen in real life?

After being jilted at the altar, high-flying journalist Sam doesn’t believe in love any more – and she certainly doesn’t believe in fairy tales! So, when she’s asked to cover the Royal Wedding, it’s the last thing she wants to do.
And when she crashes into a ridiculously handsome stranger, Fredrik, later that day, things are going from bad to worse. But as the big day draws closer, Sam finds herself being swept up in the excitement – as well as swept off her feet by Fredrik!
But there’s something that Fredrik’s hiding from her – and when he finally reveals his secret, might Sam just have the happy-ever-after she never thought she wanted…?

First Impressions: 

I AM SO EXCITED! Zoe May announced today that she is releasing a new book in April, titled How (Not) to Date a Prince. I am pre-ordering this one instantly!

The cover was revealed, along with the announcement today, and it is gorgeous! I especially love all of the little touches in the cover illustration, like the bunting in the colours of Great Britain - most likely a nod to the fact that this book is going to be published in time with the royal wedding.

The synopsis sounds fantastic, something a little different to May's debut Perfect Match (check out my review HERE). But I'm hoping the brilliant writing of Perfect Match is still there, specifically in the characterisation and humour! That being said, Fredrik's secret adds a bit of intrigue, which could make this another five-star read! I can't wait!

Let me know if you're as excited as I am below! I'm going to be posting a lot of book-reviews on Saturday, so stick around for that!

Are there any other books announced which I should do a first-impressions of? Let me know down below!

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 How (Not) to Date a Prince: you’re invited to the most romantic royal wedding of the year!

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