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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Welcome Back!

It's 2018, that came around way too quickly. I'm about to go back into placement for three months, and I'm stressed about the stress that I will be feeling. Life.

Anyway, this is my January TBR, which will contain the books which I will hopefully read this month, I might not get through all of them, and I might get through more, who knows. I'm hopefully going to give all of them a try though.

Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson.

This is a thriller book - full of suspense, from one of my favourite current authors - Peter Swanson. 

It follows Kate, who swaps apartments with her Second Cousin, Corbin. However, the day that Kate moves in, she finds out that her next-door neighbour has been murdered. Corbin becomes the obvious suspect after fleeing the country, but Kate is on a mission to find out what happened and if he is, truly, involved. 

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. 

This is another psychological thriller, this time with a more serious plot-line.

This story follows Charlie, who suffered a trauma during her childhood, with her sister Sam. The premise is that both girls are led into the woods at gunpoint, one runs and one is left behind. Twenty-eight years later, Charlie is now a defence-attorney and witnesses another tragedy in her hometown. This brings back all of the awful memories that Charlie has spent years trying to suppress, but she knows that they can't stay buried forever.

You by Caroline Kepnes. 

This book is another psychological thriller - surprise, surprise. This one is from the antagonist's point of view, however, which I think should be really interesting. This follows Joe Goldberg who works in a bookshop and becomes obsessed with Beck. Joe stalks Beck, stalks her social media and moves from stalker to boyfriend throughout this story. I think this sounds like such a brilliant read!

Final Girls by Riley Sager. 

Another thriller, and apparently one of the best of 2017! This book is said to be similar to the slasher films of the 90's and early 2000's, like scream. And, if you know me, I LOVE slasher movies - so this one sounded like it was made for me. 

It follows three final girls, Quincy, Lisa and Sam, who each survived different traumatic experiences. Quincy is finally recovering from her attack, when she finds out that the first final girl, Lisa is dead and the second, Sam appears on her doorstep. Quincy is forced to relive the past and find out what really happened ten years ago.

Well, there you go, hopefully you've enjoyed this short post about my TBR for the coming month. It's a bit difficult, because of going back to placement full-time, I won't have time to read from the second week of January until the beginning of April, I doubt I'll get through even a book a month. I'll try. So, I'm hopefully going to get through this list during this first week of January! We'll see how that goes...

You can follow my progress on my Goodreads: Here!

So, do you guys have a TBR for January, what are you wanting to read the most? Let me know down below!

PS. If you have a Bookstagram or a Book-Blog, leave your link below - I'm on the look out for new favourites!

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